Building Project

New Haven, CT
Advised by Adam Hopfner and Beka Sturges

In collaboration with Amelia Lin, Ben  Acheampong, Helena Maurer, Jinrui Zhang,
Lisbeth Ogando, Louise Lu, and Yuanchu Yi

Designed for people who have experienced homelessness, our design navigates unique site constraints and user needs to develop an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) that allows for both much needed privacy in a busy neighbourhood and desired community.

The L-shaped design that features a hinge mediates the public and private on various levels: the L- shape forms a private courtyard for the ADU within the existing larger shared courtyard while the hinge separates the private function of the house, including bedroom and bathroom, from the communal areas such as the kitchen and living room.

Our design negotiates the train tracks, accommodates shared parking and garbage, and develops a sense of security and privacy considering the site of the ADU is surrounded by 3 extant houses.

View of the threshold into the backyard.

View of the kitchen and living room.

View of the bedroom.

View of the backyard.