Plan Unplanned

Mumbai, India
Advised by Jaffer Kolb

My project is sited along the coast on newly reclaimed land in the BreachCandy neighbourhood of Mumbai, India.  Land was reclaimed for the first time in the late 1700s and part of Breach Candy was formed. The reclaimed land here was left largely undeveloped until 1985 when the area, which had turned into a landfill, was converted to public gardens. These gardens were unique not only because they attracted children and adults alike for their playgrounds and lush greenery, but also because of their relationship to the sea. Ironically, the gardens, which were born from previous reclamations are now being threatened by the latest round of land reclamation as they stand to lose their special relationship to the sea as a new patch of land is reclaimed in front of them.

My project, on this new patch of land, seeks to extend and re-invigorate these parks and their programming by creating a performance centre and a day care. The seemingly disparate programmes are tied together by the intent to create a public and accessible space that allows people to enjoy Mumbai’s changing and ever-ephemeral coast. Perhaps the day care and the performance centre—both of which demand prolonged visits to the project—can reframe the coast for the residents of Mumbai by allowing them to take pause and enjoy their surroundings.

The plan was derived from Mechanisms 5, Tanya Goel, 2019

Mechanisms 5, in spirit, is carried into the articulation of the circular, intersecting roofs.

Taxonomy of spaces in the performance centre and the daycare.